About Mia

In the name of beauty, Mia Belle seeks to elevate the future of skin care.

Mia Belle is a well-traveled paramedical aesthetician with nearly two decades of experience in the fields of skin care and preventative aging. Her passion to be a part of the rapid advancements in health care and her continued training on a global level, allows her to develop the best treatments and products possible. She has trained in Montreal, Paris, London, Norway, Iceland, New York, and San Francisco with some of the most internationally renowned chemists, engineers, physicians and alternative health practitioners.

Mixing the techniques she has learned during her travels with her own beauty intuition and beliefs, Mia has created bespoke protocols for her patients and incorporates them into unique treatments, customized to promote optimal skin health for every individual. After working at Lancer Dermatology for five years, Mia has opened up her own private practice in Beverly Hills where she can put her patients first. Her vision was to create an intimate and unique environment where she can create beauty and balance for her patients through her cutting-edge treatments.

Mia Belle is a published skin care expert who has been featured on Oprah, EXTRA, "E" Entertainment, Access Hollywood and KTLA.