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Dermal Bonding Treatments

There is no menu of services for this practice. Each treatment is individualized for each patient, many times mixing multiple modalities in unique ways using advanced techniques.

Treatments are inspired by the body’s own ability to stay vivacious, and it's desire to be healthy and strong. Dermal Bonding treatments are customized to create optimal long-term results by creating true physiological changes to the skin.

Dermal Bonding is a trademarked term that refers to the importance of targeting the face, and it's functioning at every level- from inside our bones to the epidermis, to create lasting skin health and aesthetic beauty. 

The treatments can target pigment, muscle tone, skin laxity, vascular health, texture, hydration, imbalances, and scarring.

Mia specializes in reversing undesirable results from surgeries, lasers, Ulthera, filler, and botox.

To book an appointment with Mia at her private practice in Beverly Hills, please email us at hello@miabelleskin.com 

Mia Belle Skin