Go makeup free and allow your skin to glow. February 11 2017


Want to rock a naked face?

Sleep in a few minutes longer every morning and let your true complexion shine.

We wear makeup to tweak things about or complexion. It’s not about “fixing” something unpleasing; it’s more about creating a strong, supportive climate for your skin. Imbalances can be a sign of weakness or disease. We can have our own desirable complexion by creating smooth texture, balanced pigment, and a healthy glow.

For a smooth texture, we want tight pores and plumed skin. First we need proper exfoliation. Retinols are a great go-to for almost any skin type. My ReFab product is a beautiful blend of retinols and TCA to create optimal exfoliation and support without undesirable irritation. If you can’t find a vitamin A that your skin loves, try an enzyme cleanser. I use a powdered enzyme with vitamin C a few times a week. You can also add a high quality salicylic cleanser just a few times a week to help with keeping your skin extra clean, pores toned, and lessen blackheads. Next, we want to make sure our skin is nice and plump! This will “fill” in fine lines, and make our under eyes and mouth area more youthful looking. Collagen serums, hyaluronic, and hydrators that prevent water loss will support this.

I love the instant tone egg whites give to the face! I’ve been playing around with masks since I was a kid. I will share with you some of my favorites.

Whip up ONE EGG WHITE with 3 TABLESPOONS OF MILK. I prefer goat’s milk. Then softly fold in 2-2 ½ TABLESPOONS OF SUGAR. Feather onto the skin and leave on for 10-20 minutes. You will need to rinse off with warm water. I follow with a few passes of an ice cube over my face. Great before a big night or after one.

Pleasing pigment. Some of us are lucky to have a “fresh freckled” look, while others can have splotchy hyper and/or hypopigmentation. Vitamin C is a slow but effective way to support balanced pigment and should be used daily.

Arbutin is a great ingredient that is gentle but effective. It lightens the skin without thinning it out or causing redness and irritation. This spring I’m launching a treatment stick that you can apply over heavier pigment areas to lighten and reverse hyperpigmentation. You can also go the more aggressive route by using a very high hydroquinone from your dermatologist. It’s not my first choice because it’s bleaching versus changing how the skin truly acts. It’s also important to check your hormones. Some pigment is a result in hormonal surges. As far as clinical treatments go, I have historically seen that the skin responds better to peels versus lasers. Especially for darker skin types or mixed women, like me.

Whip ONE EGG WHITE, 1 TEASPOON LEMON JUICE and 1 TEASPOON TUMERIC POWDER. Apply for 20 minutes and remove with warm water. If you’re applying before bed, you can gentle wipe off, apply your hydrator and go to sleep.

A healthy glow versus flushed, compromised skin. We want assure that we have healthy lymph and vascular systems, strong immunity to irritants, and a strong and thick collagen bed. To support this I have patients on a 12% B3 serum. B3 improves skins immunity functions by supporting the Langerhans cells. It helps to treat rosacea via creating this stronger immunity in the skin. It strengthens bold flow and can detox the skins of many irritants. It also promotes collagen synthesis. It also helps to regulate hydration in the skin. Sometimes flushing and rosacea can be a sign that there’s an improper balance of water in the skin.

If you aren’t getting results from homecare, check for allergies, issues with your gut, or anything that could be causing a histamine reaction.

Whip together 1 EGG WHITE, 1/5 of an AVACADO, 1 TEASPOON GREEK YOGURT and a DROP of HONEY. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove with cool water.

Finally, find a great hydrator that will give you a veil of protection and will drip feed your skin all day with what your skin type needs.

Makeup can be fun way to express ourselves. Something to add to our already beautiful and healthy faces. But I promise you; it can also be an interesting shift to your routine to skip it sometimes. For some women, it can actually create a feeling of liberation. When things become routine, we sometimes lose sight as to why and how it became routine. Choice is Queen. Have fun with your face!


Soak in beauty! January 30 2017

Baths can be much more than just relaxing!

Baths can be truly therapeutic. I want to share with you some of my favorite baths. A recipe for headaches, cleansing, and beautifying as well as emergency baths for sunburns, leg cramps, and feminine health.

Headache Relief:

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences that have the power to inspire balance to our body and mind.

I want to share an amazing bath elixir that will help relieve energy draining headaches. Headaches can be caused by anything from seasonal allergies to anxiety and stress. Hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycles, and lack of sleep can also cause headache tension.

The essential oil lavender is a commonly known choice to relieve stress in general but when you’re targeting a headache, we should get a bit more specific. Many of my patients suffer from sinus congestion due to internal and external stressors. Below is my favorite concoction for a treatment bath that relieves headaches due to congested sinuses.

Mix the following together then slowly pour into a warm bath.

–Peppermint oil – 10 drops
–Eucalyptus oil – 5 drops
–Sesame seed oil – 1 Tbsp.

Make sure to relax for 30 to 40 minutes to allow for the oils to do their magic. The eucalyptus oil helps decongest the airways and the sinuses while peppermint oil provides pain relief. Be aware the eucalyptus oil is a very strong, so take care not to splash the bath water in your eyes – it may cause irritation.

Beauty Bath:

Goat’s milk is one of my favorite beauty gifts from Mother Nature! When I was a little girl, a local healer told me to drink a glass of goat’s milk a day and that I would always stay young. I still add it to my shakes and I love using it on my skin. It’s an ingredient that has become more popular in the past few years. It creates a transforming beauty bath when you immerse yourself in a tub filled with warm water and 2-4 cups of organic goat’s milk.

It will help soften and smooth your skin. Milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that can help loosen the bonds that hold onto old, dead skin cells. Your skin will feel silky smooth and look brighter! A milk bath helps exfoliate your skin without any scrubbing, so if your like me and can’t handle dry brushing or harsh scrubs, you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin but will still get the smooth results.

You now have a clean canvas so your products penetrate the skin more effectively, so your moisturizer does a better job of keeping your skin hydrated. Milk also contains fats and proteins that can help boost your skin’s moisture even after you’re done soaking.

It’s also uber calming! The proteins whey and casein found in milk, as well as the amino acids, lactic acid and vitamins A, D and E, all work together to help reduce redness and itchiness. Great emergency soak if you get a dose of poison oak on a vacation!

Total Detox:

Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium and sulfate can be easily absorbed through the skin and taken up into the bloodstream, so it’s an excellent external way to detox and get out any harmful and unnatural substances.

This bath stimulates your lymph system and encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to your body. Sulfates stimulate the pancreas to form digestive enzymes necessary to detoxify the body. The soak also neutralizes toxins, protecting the body from heavy metals.

Magnesium in the Epson salts are uplifting to our mood because deficiencies in magnesium can cause significant damage to nerves, which manifest in symptoms associated with depression. Magnesium salt also promotes gastric activity in the intestines, which provides a laxative effect. The stimulation of movement in the gut and colon further promotes detoxification processes.

The Sulfates are beneficial for the health of joints, skin, and nervous tissue. Sulfates also bind toxic impurities in the liver to render them less hazardous.

Spend at least 40 minutes to soak in the tub. Allow 20 minutes of treatment to pull toxins out of your body through the skin. The second 20 minutes allows for the absorption of minerals to occur. 1- ½ cups for a full bath.

Quick Cramp Relief:

A muscle often locks up for no apparent reason; the root cause is a chemical signal from the nervous system that tells the muscle to contract. You’re probably running low on potassium, magnesium, and calcium – the minerals that help to regulate activity in your nerves and muscles. Many people that suffer from chronic cramping know to sip on some tonic water before bedtime because it contains quinine. This can be beneficial to sip on but also can be used as a soak. A Tonic Water bath a great way to help you get through the night f you’re on vacation or traveling for work. Head straight to the mini bar and grab a few tonic waters and add it to your bath. You should feel a bit of relief shortly!


Apple Cider Vinegar contains antiseptic properties that kill germs and relieve pain. It also helps to balance the pH of sunburned skin and reduces the blisters after burning. It acts as an astringent that shrinks or constricts the blood tissues which in turn reduces the inflammation caused by sunburn, creating instant relief. Apple cider vinegar acts as a wonderful cooling and moisturizing agent that makes the skin release the pent-up heat.

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV to us hippies is rich in B-vitamins, Vitamin C and trace minerals, making it nourishing to skin.

Added benefit: it will also make you smell sweeter! It will help kill the bacteria that contribute to body odor and create an environment where odor is less likely to thrive in the future.

For sunburn relief, add 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar to a full bath and soak for 10 -20 minutes.


Baking soda baths are a useful remedy to fight against many feminine health issues as it maintains a pH balance in the body. Anything that upsets the pH of your vagina will worsen the situation. Substances like semen or menstrual blood are Alkaline. A sitz bath with baking soda, which buffers pH levels, can help reduce the pH of your vagina and decrease the irritation.

A full bath can also help soften your skin and also remove chlorine from your skin and hair.

Add 3 tablespoon to sitz bath- about 2-3 inches high in water or 6 tablespoons to a full bath. Soak for 20 minutes.

I hope these baths inspire you to take the time for self care and relaxation for you to create the true whole body health you deserve.

~My article was also published by LVBX Magazine.

TGIF Guide October 13 2016

Check out my article published by TGIF Guide with Meagan Bell!



Mia Belle Skin is a beautiful skin care oasis in downtown Beverly Hills. I was promptly greeted upon my arrival by Mia, and lead to a light filled plush room with a cozy facial chair and dark blue bench. I crawled under the sheets to my warm haven for the next hour.

Mia asked me a few questions about my skin and determined the products and treatment methods she would use to attack my skin concerns. She suggested that the radio frequency machine, one of the latest technologies in skin care, would help plump the eye area which I am closely watching for signs of wrinkles. I much prefer natural collagen boosting methods to fillers when possible. Mia answered all my questions and is a skin care expert trained in all the latest techniques and products, I am excited to book my next appointment and continue improving my skin!
If you’re interested in trying the same treatment I did or want to consult with Mia on improving your own beautiful skin, give her a call! Be sure to tell her Megyn from TGIFguide sent you :)
Mia Belle Skin, 9615 Brighton Way #416, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, (213) 422-4346

Travel Tips! September 15 2016


Planning to get away this weekend? Whether you're globe trotting or a quick road trip, it’s important to prepare your wandering beauty routine.


First, make sure to eat healthy a few days before you leave. Eat lots of leafy greens and stay away from foods and drinks high in sodium and carbohydrates that will dehydrate your skin.

Try and book a hydrating facial a day or two before you depart. No treatments that entail heat or heavy exfoliation. Oxygen infusions, LED, hyaluronic and peptide masks are go-to treatments at my practice.

If you want to pack light, coconut oil is a great option. Although I’m not a fan of frequent use of coconut oil on the skin, you can apply this head to toe as your moisturizer, use as a cleanser, a lip balm, and apply to the tips of your hair if you need some extra conditioning.

Cleansing wipes are great for the late lazy night when you don’t want to have to take the time to wash your face.

Remember to pack your probiotics! Keeping your gut clean while you travel will make your skin happy. Or you can eat foods with probiotics and drink organic probiotic drinks.

For a simple and fun make-up look, go for a bright lip color, mascara and a bronzer with SPF. I prefer powered SPF when I travel. I don’t have to deal with reapplying layers of cream and I don’t have to worry about the powder getting hot and breakings down like liquid sun protection.

Leave your harsh products at home. Strong glycolics, retinols, etc. These don’t travel well and can make you more sun sensitive. If you have sensitive skin its good to discontinue these products a few days prior to your departure.


If you’re flying, try and stay away from alcohol, but if you have to take the edge off, order a greyhound. The grapefruit helps to keep you face from getting puffy.

Apply a good occlusive hydrator as soon as you buckle up. This will prevent your skin drying out via the strong air conditioning.

Pack a skin-friendly satin pillowcase in your carry on. This way, if you want to rest your cheek on the headrest, or the airplane pillow, you can make sure your skin stays clean and no harsh irritants from the fabrics will bother your skin or cause a breakout. You can also replace the hotel pillowcase with yours during your stay. Stiff, cheap pillowcases can be rough on your hair and skin.

Try and listen to soothing music or a guided mediation on your way to your destination. Skin doesn’t like stress! I always travel with my favorite lavender oil. I put a drop on the bottom of my neck. This way I only smell something beautiful, this is especially helpful when you’re in tight quarters with other travelers.


I’ve had patients call me in a panic that have used eye masks that made their eyes swell or ate something that made their face swell up. If this happens take a Benadryl and use cold compresses that you can chill in your hotel ice bucket.

If you’re going to have drinks with limes in them, be careful not to get lime juice on your hands or skin and then exposing it to the sun. Some people can hyperpigment from this.

Too much sun? Chill some aloe vera gel and keep reapplying. Make a cool bath for yourself, even add ice. Get an oatmeal soothing bath mix from the drug store or you can add a cup of apple cider vinegar. You will feel instant relief.

If you find yourself jet lagged and bored in the middle of the night, try not to sit in front of that high intensity magnifying mirror and get too excited extracting every pore. If you do, make sure to apply an anti-bacterial gel so you don’t cause a major break out.

Wishing you all safe travels, and remember to leave beauty wherever you go!

Mia Belle


Photo courtesy of LVBX Magazine!

"How to Be Smart in the Sun!" My article published my LVBX Magazine 6/23/16 June 28 2016


Being in the sun is an important and enjoyable part of many people’s lives. You don’t have to give up the outdoor activities that you love, just stay protected and educated.

We want to protect our skin to avoid inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and oxidation from UV radiation that activates matrix metalloproteinase (MMP), enzymes that beak down elastin and collagen. Mineral SPFs are becoming very popular among consumers. I recommend Zinc Oxide as a healthy and effective option. Zinc Oxide is a healing mineral with anti-inflammatory properties that is used for sun protection. It helps to reflect both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, making it a broad-spectrum sunscreen ingredient. Upon application, zinc oxide particles sit on the outermost layer of your skin, where they scatter and absorb ultraviolet radiation, protecting your skin below. In non-nano particle form, it is considered to be safe for all ages and skin conditions. It’s important to make sure the zinc oxide in your sun protection is NON–nano zinc oxide. A nano particle will enter the blood stream but a non-nano will not. Chemical sunscreens, containing nano particles, will enter the bloodstream and that is why DNA altering ingredients like oxybenzone have gotten such a bad rap.

Powdered sun protection, such as Colorescience, is a great option because it’s not sensitive to the heat. Liquid sun protection degrades in heat but the powder stays stable. I keep a tube in my car and apply to my hands while I’m driving. It’s also great since we have to reapply our sun protection throughout the day, we can just powder up versus having to layer on liquid sun protection every 90 minutes!

Did you know that you can also drink your sun protection? Internal sun protection has been mainstream in other countries and it’s now becoming known here in the United States.

Introducing antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein are effective at neutralizing free radicals generated by sun exposure and their unique properties help filter out harmful rays. Further sun protection can be provided by EPA which reduces your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays and significantly reduces UV-related skin inflammation.

In clinical trial results from Bend Beauty’s supplement, participants using “Bend Anti-Aging Formula” saw a significant increase in skin resistance to UV burning and damage. At four weeks of use the increase was 39% and increased to 83% after 8 weeks of use.

Drink up, powder up, and enjoy the summer all while staying healthy and beautiful.


-Mia Belle

Photo courtesy of LVBX Magazine