Leslie Crow || Muse December 15 2014

I am so inspired by Leslie Crow and her art!  Her style embodies a mix of bad ass Wild West America and mystical cosmic consciousness.  Leslie is the owner of Heyoka Leather.  


- The Wandering Aesthetic

Started unofficially and quite by accident in Venice Beach CA in 2007 by Leslie Crow when she began making dream catchers for friends. As the demand grew, she branched out into hand beaded medicine bags and purses, using traditional skills learned from her grandmother. A year later she moved to the Rastafarian barrio of Mid-City Los Angeles, and brought in her longtime friends and partners in crime (cousins) Rachel Avraham and Angela Bruyere (of Mogg Jeans).

The three girls quickly decided to join forces and create a brand that would go down in rock and roll history. The premise was simple. custom handcrafted leather goods. Using carefully sourced wild elk hides and deer skins, with only the finest quality natural antler bone, brass and silver adornments, they created a precedent for modern day American heirlooms. Paying homage to and combining their various roots in traditional Native American ceremonies, decadent Hollywood nightlife mystique, and redneck outlaw biker culture, they subconsciously created a signature brand that is eccentric, free spirited and shockingly high-end.

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