The Power of Prevention! December 23 2017


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We have all been pretty open to the idea of prevention when it comes to food and supplement choices. With skin, other than lessening our sun expose, most people do not understand the power of prevention.
Proper prevention is key to true skin-health and to keeping a youthful aesthetic to the face.

Let’s get the idea of Botox and fillers out of the way first and then we can talk about ways that we can prevent needing to chase our take more extreme measures to reverse undesirable states to our skin/face/body.

For some specific people Botox in conservative amounts can be preventative against deep prolapse – aka deeper “wrinkles” in particular areas of the face. For most people Botox will weaken the muscles of the face and create issues in the future such as drooping, a sunken look beneath the eyes or loss of tone to the muscle.
Especially if patients start too young! You are taking yourself down the rabbit hole and once you start – you will have to keep going!

When it comes to filler, you are stretching out the skin in the area you inject. We call this “pregnant face.” You’re ballooning out the skin. Which creates laxity. You’re also risking a lot of other things that will lessen the integrity of the skin, but that’s a whole other article!

You CAN reverse developments to your face without having to take risks with over-aggressive dermatological or surgical options. You may have to give it a few months but it’s worth the wait. Even if you only see a moderate improvement, we need to understand that we are preventing it from worsening and that alone is pretty amazing! It will also keep you from having “uncanny face” and you won’t have to deal with what can sometimes be horrific side effects. The professional term the medical industry uses is an “undesirable outcome.”

If you are just now starting off with your skin care plan, you’re in a better position than “undoing” habits and or past treatments. If you’re in your teens or 20’s you’re in an even more advantageous place.

(*Disclaimer: I truly believe that age is just a number and that it’s important for us to live outside of society’s programming. I’m using age here just to share what most likely one may need at different moments in life.)

It’s been studied that around 27 our skin and body start to run on different files so to speak biologically.
Before 27 you want to make sure to avoid too much sun exposure, and start taking take probiotics and omegas.
Start using products that promote proper water levels in your skin. Usually we create enough oil at this stage. You want to keep you skin strong by avoiding harsh products and over cleansing. Embrace the glow you might have – don’t force a matte look to your skin. Allow it to behave naturally. You may miss that glow later. You may also miss that “baby fat” you wanted to get rid of in your face! DO NOT buy into shrinking yourself to fit into the ridiculous skinny mold that still exists (unless you’re naturally skinny) – albeit less than in the past. When you lose a dramatic amount of fat, it returns pretty easily to the body but not the face!
Light exfoliating facials, and balancing facials will work well for you. If any acne scars show up, try needling before you try lasers.
Don’t over moisturize. Your face will stop producing what you need for moisture if you add too much to its environment.

In our next decade we want to add a very gentle form of Vitamin A.
Antioxidants and vitamin C is essential. At this point we may need to up our moisturizing game. Treatments like needling can be great when we add lighteners to address pigment issue that might be showing up. Yearly pigments peels are also helpful.
We really want to make sure that we keep our muscles toned. Micro and Nano current devices can provide amazing benefits.

In our next decade we want to maintain elasticity to the skin and make sure that all the layers of the face- the muscles to the epidermis are strong and connected.
Radio Frequency or thermal neurogenesis when used correctly can be the best option. Be very careful with lasers. Our skin is creating fewer lipids and holding less water. We also are more vulnerable to hypo/hyper pigmenting. Also be aware of any intense heat from aggressive treatments. It can cause scar tissue and or loss of fat in the face. This not only creates a loss of volume, but a loss of nutrient support to the face. Growth factors and collagen products should be adding to our routine.

Continuing on, we have to take into account hormones, more supportive supplements and possible surgical options. Patients are surprised when I mention mini or full facelifts as positive options for their future. I promise that you will look much more natural and yourself than with fillers. You need to know that there are some very talented surgeons that have very subtle and gentle procedure that allow your muscles to be placed back on the bones of the face where they once were! Not filler to puff out the face or strings to cause inflammation and swelling, but a truly artistic way to make you look like you have the face you were born with…. just 10 or 20 years earlier!
Many actresses and models get these procedures done in there 30’s. Many of these actresses and models are whom my patients say they want to look like because they look so natural. And they do look natural and just as pretty in person. Take into account that some of the great faces of the past that are thought of as a “natural beauties” had plastic surgery. Including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

If you take measures to keep yourself youthful- body, mind and spirit, you may never need any type of surgery, aesthetic or otherwise. But know that the more you keep yourself strong and clean, the more options you have later on and the more successful any type for surgery will be.

My passion is to create a vital and beautiful life for myself and my patients. I believe the more we educate ourselves and the more options we have to chose from, the better our health and realities can be.
We live in a world full of amazing possibilities, let’s chose the most beautiful ones!