Self-Care Secrets To Detoxify And Nourish Your Body, Mind, And Spirit! April 10 2019

Christine Bullock Retreat

It’s natural to feel the desire to create a self-care community. As women, we are wired to gather with each other. In a climate where the medical community does not champion women’s health, many of us have had to seek out care and advice from one another by sharing our stories- victories, and failures. Reclaiming our health –together, has been not only a passion of mine but also one of my favorite people/patients and health expert, Christine Bullock.
I was lucky enough to participate in her “Glow Retreat.” A retreat where your self-care was not thought of as a luxury –but a necessity. Christine’s background is in physical fitness. Her approach to fitness is genuinely holistic. She creates workouts, advises on nutrition and treatments, all in the frame of creating an individual’s most optimal version of health and vitality. Our beauty tribe met in the desert and immersed ourselves in all the things Christine feels puts people on the path to results-driven self-care.
Every morning we started out with a fresh glass of celery juice. (Christine was a fan of this before the medical medium trend). This was followed by our first workout of the day, then our beauty treatments. Our days ended with a second workout and an hour of stretching. The weekend was about resting our body and minds by detoxifying and fortifying. I want to share with you two internal helpers and two activities that really resonated with me and what I’m still integrating into my life.
Let’s go inside first!
I love activated charcoal internally and in skincare, but I’ve never taken charcoal on a regular basis. Now I take a dose every time I go into my Higher Dose wrap for extra detoxing. (Which I will talk about later) I’ve found that taking it before any type of serious sweating will take your detoxing game to the next level! Charcoal helps not only with overall detoxing, by binding and flushing out toxins, but also reduces gas and bloating due to the fact that it has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged gas. Activated charcoal is also thought to have “anti-aging” benefits because it helps to keep your brain healthy and prevents other numerous cellular changes associated with aging.
Another game changer for me was the Pau d’Arco tea. This tea is known to have numerous benefits, but I especially love the anti-inflammatory effects, and its ability to help with the overproduction of candida, and lessening of parasites. Of course, whenever you lessen inflammation, you help to keep yourself vital and strong. The symptoms of too much candida in the system can create cravings for sugar, which can be detrimental for some of us. But the most beneficial for me has been its effect on keeping my blood sugar levels more stable. Even more amazing is the beta-lapachone found in Pau d’arco, which is a potent catalyst for a molecule called NAD+. By increasing NAD+, Pau d’Arco helps improve mitochondrial ATP production. AMAZING. I drink a cup every night, I love this ritual, it tells my body it’s time to get ready for bed, and the tea fortifies my body to help it to do all its regenerating activities while I sleep.
Not all heat is created equal!
I know a hot bath or steam can feel very relaxing, but they can also be too dehydrating, especially for the skin. The company “Higher Dose” spas were created in NYC by founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps. They have created a great at-home therapeutic “infrared sauna blanket. “The name Higher Dose doesn’t lie, you can truly get a “high” off the benefits of these body blankets. I refer to the blanket as a wrap, because you feel really snug and fully immersed. Raising your core temperature for short periods to improve your health is a concept known “hyperthermic conditioning,” When the body heats up therapeutically, not only are the fun benefits glowing skin, better sleep, less cellulite, burning of calories, but also some amazing responses in the brain. It releases human growth hormone, inspires the growth of new brain cells, and since infrared triggers our brain's happiness chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) when you use the wrap, you get happy!  
I could write a whole article on the subject of which “heating mechanisms” are more or less beneficial, but simply put this blanket offers 7x the benefits of other heat treatments. The results due to some key points of its construction.
The added amethyst layer deepens the benefits of infrared.
The tourmaline layer generates negative ions. 
The charcoal layer amplifies the detoxification process.
The magnetic strip improves blood circulation.
I try and make time for this 2 times a week. It’s a great way to take the time to sit quietly and relax, or I’ll practice one of my meditation disciplines. On a practical note, these blankets are compact and can be rolled up for easy storage. Many of my friends and family received one for the holidays!
Another reason I’m a big fan of the blanket is that it’s not an aggressive form of detoxifying. I believe in always inspiring the body versus forcing it. This is why I’m in love with the next thing I will share with you that I took home from Christine’s Glow Retreat.
My trampoline!!!!
There’s a reason why our lymphatic system does not have a “pump.” Especially for women. One of the lymphatic systems jobs is to help and protect us from toxins and aggravators. If you release and flush out the lymph too fast and or aggressively, you can make yourself sick and drained. The trampoline allows for a healthy release of the lymph and happy chemicals in your brain.
People who integrate trampoline – or rebounding into the exercise routine, will improve their digestion, stimulate mitochondrial production (improved cell energy), have better balance, and heighten circulation of oxygen throughout their body – which increases overall energy.
Some sources even claim that the unique motion of bouncing can also help support the thyroid and adrenals. Aesthetically, it creates more muscle tone and because it helps with bone health- the first layer I target with my DermalBonding philosophy. You will have a more vital and youthful structure- head to toe. Our bones are made of living tissue that is continually being broken down and replaced. Rebounding has been proven to produce a strengthening resistance for our bones. But unlike other exercises, especially weight-bearing exercise; rebounding is very low impact, so it’s gentler on joints, cartilage, and vertebrae.  Again- it’s an inspiring tool to greater health versus an aggressive one.
There is so much information online about health, wellness, and self-care. I feel so blessed to have a person like Christine Bullock on my dream team. When you are able to go to a retreat like Glow, you get to hear first-hand stories from people IRL, which can be very cathartic. I feel when we get opinions or endorsements from people online; the full experience can be lost in translation. It can be an informative share but know that it’s just that – a share. Please take your time to go a bit deeper to learn from people that have made their life passion your health and beauty. You also have to understand that you are 50% of the chemistry of anything you try. As a practitioner, I always honor this and understand my responsibility when I educate or share my personal experience. If you want to obtain your OPTIMAL health you have to listen to your body and follow not only other peoples views, (whether it is professional or not), but also your intuition. Listen to your body. It has a lot to tell you.