Glow October 13 2016


Want to achieve the Hollywood Glow that you see on the red carpet?You can get your skin in shape and glowing by supporting your skin inside and out. You can achieve a face that the camera loves under any light with a few top tips from me below!

1. Start from within! My go-to skin supplement is "Bend Beauty."

It's packed with anti-oxidants and omegas. After a month your skin will have a natural internal defense against harmful rays from the sun and you will a notice an improvement in the appearance of the size of your pores, creating a beautiful texture. Your skin will be nice and plump with the right, balanced amount of lipids. This formula helps defend your skin from environmental factors, which is super important for us living in Los Angeles.

2. Hydrate.

A majority of people have little water content within their skin climate. Dehydration causes fine lines and a lack luster complexion. Drink water high in enzymes and electrolytes. It's even more effective to eat foods high in water content like cucumbers and watercress. Topically apply a hyaluronic acid morning and night to feed your skin with high performing hydration. My favorite is Luzern's "Rehydrate."

3. Skin Gym.

Getting a monthly skin treatment is very important to keep your skin in tip-top shape. It's natural for our skin to have different needs month to month due to stress, weather, hormones, etc. I work from a place of inspiration versus inflammation. Treatments that work with the skin's own phenomenal ability to stay beautiful are the best if you want to stay youthful and natural looking.


4. Know your ABC's!

Support your skin with vitamins A, B, and C. These are the building blocks to strong skin.

Vitamin A supports proper exfoliation, builds collagen and helps to diminish fine lines.

Vitamin B increases the production of ceramides and fatty acids, major components of your skin's outer protective barrier. This creates a calm environment for the skin and prevents water loss. It also evens out skin tone by preventing melanin transfer, helping to creating a beautiful glow.

Vitamin C helps protects against oxidants, balances pigment by being a natural tyrosinase inhibitor. It also supports production of collagen type 1.

5. Tone your muscles.

To create your most photogenic, Hollywood glam face, you have to create clean lines by having a defined and toned architecture. Due to internal and external factors, our muscles weaken and the layers of our face start to loose their once strong and vital connection to each other. You can receive treatments like the Bio-Lift, or DermalBonding at my clinic to keep these layers strong and to retrain and tone the skin and muscles of the face. You can purchase a NuFace devise and use on a very regular basis to help achieve toned skin and muscles at home.

Whether you're walking the red carpet or just want to feel camera ready at any moment, you can feel confident by just giving a little extra love and time to your face!


Photo courtesy of LVBX Magazine