Astro Glam - Your Astrological Path To Beauty by Kim Kamilla January 30 2019

While we are in Innovative Aquarius we thought it would be fun to ask our House Intuitive what be the beauty routine for each sign. What smells, potions and lotions do they love? Now, this is light, but finding your Venus in your astrological chart helps to deepen your Beauty Routine.

Aries: What routine? Your routine is how you feel each day so be sure to switch it up as you get bored easily. You are ruled by Mars which makes you more of a warrior than a girly girl..however you are a hopeless romantic, but it’s more of a Bond Girl Glam. Your routine needs to change up and go with whatever mood you're in. A Sauna after a kickboxing class with a charcoal mask to pull all the impurities so you feel clean and clear. Smells need to be fresh like the outdoors on a fall night out on horseback.

Taurus: Your routine definitely consists of a masseuse coming to your house two to three times a week. Venus rules you, It’s all about beautifying and enticement. Your earthy sensuality is what inspires you to have Scented candles, in every room. Luxurious sugar scrubs make you happy. Classic scents, floral scents are where you feel serene and calm. Taking care of your throat is very important, make sure you have some Jasmine tea with honey before bed.

Gemini: Your Beauty routine should be like you - light and delicate. Nothing too heavy as far as cleansers and milky products probably feel best on your butterfly skin. Eucalyptus oil in a humidifier helps. Hydration is important to everyone, but your an air sign so it’s very important not to feel dried out. Mercury is your ruling planet, so you probably brush your teeth - a lot. Why not invest in a great electric toothbrush and some quality toothpaste like Marvis that makes your mouth feel extra clean.

Cancer: You are all about your baby soft skin, and pampering yourself as a moon child. Bubble baths for you all the way, with vanilla scented candles and a hydrating face mask while you relax. Once out of the tub soothing healing oils are a must for your routine. In addition, why not spray some light essential lavender on your pillows for soft dreams. Drinking hot milk with a little honey will soothe you as well.

Leo: Your beauty routine should follow someone like - Cleopatra after all - you are the Queen. For you - Milk & Honey Everything. Milk & Honey, scrubs, bath, and face mask. To nourish your mane for soft silky hair - castor oil and honey. Infuse your home with sexy spicy scents. Your ruler is the heart so you might want to think about a mixture of rose oils to feel you're glamour.

Virgo: You are a funny one. When you finally find the products you like, your beauty routine is a thorough one. Your preference is top of the line and results are most important. Cleansers, toners, and moisturizers with all Natural Ingredients that have been proven to be effective are the Virgo way. Clean scents like pear, grass, violet are they way to your heart - the secret is you smell good for yourself - not just other people. Some Chamomile tea to wind down your beautiful mind that overthinks everything can help.

Libra: Your beauty routine requires lot’s of fun - music with your microphone in the shower to promote full venus expression. Neroli oil for a wonderful light-hearted free environment. Try a foamy grapefruit scented cleanser and toner. Scorpio ~ You are the Gypsy of all the signs. Your Beauty routine is late at night so exotic sensual scents for you in your cleansers, baths, and environment. A Ylang Ylang body wash to balance all that intensity that beams off of you. Oud and cardamon sensual scents to enhance your mysteriousness where you dwell.

Sagittarius: Your beauty routine is for the fast and fabulous. Try using Micellar Water, it is light on your skin, and you don’t really like a lot of heavy makeup unless you are someone who has different personas on stage. Fresh woodsy and spicy scents such as sandalwood and cinnamon around your home bring out the playful side in you.

Capricorn: You are a no-nonsense boss, that keeps everything from your hair to your skin up and running at full capacity. Cleansers that are super hydrating and moisturizing. You need scents that are fresh and clean like spruce or pine, along with something soft like cypress. Royal Jelly would be a great supplement since your sign rules skin, teeth, and bones to keep your internal self hydrated.

Aquarius: Your beauty routine is something you actually want to be Quantum. Gold Bodywashes or anything mineral related is perfect for your Metaphysical routine. Light, effective, and nourishing is your signature for cleansers toners and moisturizers.. Open spacious rooms with crystals help you sleep at night.

Pisces: Your beauty routine consists of having ocean waves playing in the background at all time. Any products containing sea minerals for your cleansers, bath oils, or would be simply amazing because your skin would soak it up. Pisces rules the lymphatic system, and keeping your immune system up is very important for the delicate, wondrous Piscean Beauties.