Beauty is in the air! June 22 2017


Here I share my article LVBX Mag published on how the air we breathe effects our beauty.

Beauty is in the Air!


The air we breathe has a huge effect on the health of our skin. In Eastern traditions, the lungs are thought to have a direct connection to the skin and are taken into consideration in the treatment of all skin issues.


Many of you are lucky to live in areas where the air is clean and pristine. Others of us have to address the effects of living in a more toxic and draining environment. It’s important to address the quality of the air you breathe not only in your outside environment, but also inside your home and workplace. Taking the time to enhance the quality of the air you breathe will create a healthier future for your overall health and beauty. Below are some tips to help you create a beautiful climate for your body mind and spirit with every breath you take.




Just breathe.

Breathing exercises can help strengthen and cleanse your body and mind! Alternating deep breathing between each nostril, holding the breathe in certain rhythms or patterns can be very beneficial to the integrity of the health of the body, and it promotes better focus, energy levels, and deeper sleep. The Aetherius Society teaches a beautiful breathing practice. Deep yogic breathing and intense cardiovascular breathing are a great way to keep you body and skin fit!



Eat pretty.

You can also fortify yourself internally with supplements and food.

Host Defense’s “Breathe” is an excellent supplement for lung support. It’s a

blend of Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps. Chaga is well known for its support of skin and lung functioning. Reishi supports breathing, cardiovascular system and endurance. Cordyceps is a lung tonic and for energy support. Again, if you support your lungs, you support your skin!




Recycle and Purify.

Research air filters to find the best one for you. There are many brands that target specific allergens, and take into consideration what model works best for your lifestyle. Some have more upkeep than others, and it’s very important to stay on schedule with replacing filters for superior benefits. I’ve recommended many of my patients to purchase a sleek or more compact air filter for their workspace. Especially if there’s construction going on anywhere in or outside the building. There are a lot of toxic byproducts being given off by many types of business activities that may just be a door away from you.

Many older buildings can also have mold.



Mold spores enter the body through inhalation and ingestion, and can also be absorbed into the body through the skin. Mold spores that are inhaled have greater toxicity than those absorbed by the skin or ingested. Skin reactions can include: rashes, irritated patches discolored skin, over-sloughing, and elevated photosensitivity. It can create “odd” sensitive patches on the face. I have seen on patients a diminishing of the acid mantle of the skin. Exposure to mold can be very serious.

Please get in touch with your cities health department to test your living or workspace if you have even a slight suspicion that you may be living with mold.




Water heals.

The more moisture in the air, the more moisture in your skin. Standard humidifiers are too much upkeep for me! I’m so grateful that we now have aromatherapy humidifiers that are small enough to fit on a bedside table, but can run for up to 12 hours. This really helps to keep the air moist and us more hydrated during our beauty sleep. Add a few drops of therapeutic essential oils to get even more benefit. My latest beauty sleep mix is sweet eucalyptus, birch, and pine.


Making small changes in our everyday lifestyle can bring about big rewards. Living a conscious and strong life creates a more beautiful world for ourselves and everyone around us.





Winter Skin Tips! January 06 2017


I shared some skin-saving tips to get your skin through the winter for LVBX Magazine. XO

~Winter can be harsh, but beautiful. It’s important to feed our skin what it needs with the change of the seasons.

In the Winter, we need to help protect it from the cold, dry air by creating a superior barrier, strengthening the dermis and epidermis, and target keeping in hydration and our pigment balanced.

There are a lot of go-to ingredients to feed your skin for winter, but my favorites for homecare are: time-released peptides, anti-oxidants, transforming growth factors and niacinamides.

Here’s why…

–Energizes our cells

–New collagen synthesis

–Regulates epidermal ceramide synthesis which benefits the epidermal barrier

–Supports fully functioning stratum corneum

–Increases blood flow to the cells, increasing the nutrients to the cells

–Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, protection from UVB rays by protecting collagen

–Protects telomeres from shortening

–Reduces lipid peroxidation

–Reduces production of melanin

–Protects from UV-A damage

–Stimulates longevity proteins called sirtuins

–Reinforces capillaries by boosting cutaneous microcirculation

–Helps maintain optimal level of hyaluronic acid to preserve suppleness and elasticity

TGF-8 growth factor:

–Equalizes skin tone and pigment

–Controls proliferation, cellular differentiation

–Strengthens proper skin functions

Time-release Peptides:
–Signals collagen production

–Promotes thicker, stronger skin

–Reduces inflammation

As far as diet goes, add more omegas and anti-oxidants to keep your skin stronger and supple head to toe. Warm up with tasty adaptogen teas to boost your immunity and mood.

You can also support your skin by running your humidifiers to combat the extra dry air. Infuse some palo santo for immunity support or nutmeg for any aches and pains. If you want to indulge in a bath, add some goat’s milk and a few drops of rose hip oil to hydrate.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year and let’s get ready to ring in the new year with strong and beautiful faces.

Travel Tips! September 15 2016


Planning to get away this weekend? Whether you're globe trotting or a quick road trip, it’s important to prepare your wandering beauty routine.


First, make sure to eat healthy a few days before you leave. Eat lots of leafy greens and stay away from foods and drinks high in sodium and carbohydrates that will dehydrate your skin.

Try and book a hydrating facial a day or two before you depart. No treatments that entail heat or heavy exfoliation. Oxygen infusions, LED, hyaluronic and peptide masks are go-to treatments at my practice.

If you want to pack light, coconut oil is a great option. Although I’m not a fan of frequent use of coconut oil on the skin, you can apply this head to toe as your moisturizer, use as a cleanser, a lip balm, and apply to the tips of your hair if you need some extra conditioning.

Cleansing wipes are great for the late lazy night when you don’t want to have to take the time to wash your face.

Remember to pack your probiotics! Keeping your gut clean while you travel will make your skin happy. Or you can eat foods with probiotics and drink organic probiotic drinks.

For a simple and fun make-up look, go for a bright lip color, mascara and a bronzer with SPF. I prefer powered SPF when I travel. I don’t have to deal with reapplying layers of cream and I don’t have to worry about the powder getting hot and breakings down like liquid sun protection.

Leave your harsh products at home. Strong glycolics, retinols, etc. These don’t travel well and can make you more sun sensitive. If you have sensitive skin its good to discontinue these products a few days prior to your departure.


If you’re flying, try and stay away from alcohol, but if you have to take the edge off, order a greyhound. The grapefruit helps to keep you face from getting puffy.

Apply a good occlusive hydrator as soon as you buckle up. This will prevent your skin drying out via the strong air conditioning.

Pack a skin-friendly satin pillowcase in your carry on. This way, if you want to rest your cheek on the headrest, or the airplane pillow, you can make sure your skin stays clean and no harsh irritants from the fabrics will bother your skin or cause a breakout. You can also replace the hotel pillowcase with yours during your stay. Stiff, cheap pillowcases can be rough on your hair and skin.

Try and listen to soothing music or a guided mediation on your way to your destination. Skin doesn’t like stress! I always travel with my favorite lavender oil. I put a drop on the bottom of my neck. This way I only smell something beautiful, this is especially helpful when you’re in tight quarters with other travelers.


I’ve had patients call me in a panic that have used eye masks that made their eyes swell or ate something that made their face swell up. If this happens take a Benadryl and use cold compresses that you can chill in your hotel ice bucket.

If you’re going to have drinks with limes in them, be careful not to get lime juice on your hands or skin and then exposing it to the sun. Some people can hyperpigment from this.

Too much sun? Chill some aloe vera gel and keep reapplying. Make a cool bath for yourself, even add ice. Get an oatmeal soothing bath mix from the drug store or you can add a cup of apple cider vinegar. You will feel instant relief.

If you find yourself jet lagged and bored in the middle of the night, try not to sit in front of that high intensity magnifying mirror and get too excited extracting every pore. If you do, make sure to apply an anti-bacterial gel so you don’t cause a major break out.

Wishing you all safe travels, and remember to leave beauty wherever you go!

Mia Belle


Photo courtesy of LVBX Magazine!