THE CHASE November 30 2018



The chase is a term used in the beauty and aesthetic worlds.

It’s when a patient “chases” after that feeling of joy/ self-approval they got after a treatment that slightly altered their appearance.

We see this most often with patients that get filler injections. The get a small amount put in their lips, for example. It instantly creates a more symmetric and “happy “ look to their face. Super subtle and natural – but noticeable.

This creates a sense of transformation and joy- instantly. Most people- unless they are truly aligned with themselves- and had that first high come from a place of balance- meaning they just wanted a slight improvement and had a healthy sense of self and confidence, will NEVER feel that same way again. They may feel it to a lesser degree, but it will be fleeting, and they will feel a need to do more treatments, more often to recreate the original high. This is because they did not come from an aligned space, so their high came from their ego-reptilian brain-survival triggers, emotion wounds-etc.- it’s a powerful feeling of release when our egos get temporarily satisfied

This release can create face and/or body dysmorphia. Many patients with overfilled faces don’t notice how large their lips have gotten or how changed their faces have become.

Our experience/reality is based on our alignment with our heart, mind, and body (plus more- which is a bigger discussion).

If all parts of you are not balanced- energized and in alignment, there is a chance for incongruence, energy drain, and mental imbalance.

Doctors warn patients that they will most likely get the “blues “ after plastic surgery. This can be amplified from the meds, but there is research on the fact that when you alter your face—even if it looks great afterward, your mind, heart, and body have to transmute with this change and it can stir up a lot of emotions and primal triggers.

It’s such a personal decision if you want to alter your face- and to be clear there’s definitely a big difference between maintenance and what one conceives as improvement vs. a surgery – but it’s still a change.

Our faces alter with stress, environment, attitude, etc. etc. etc., some may be categorized as natural – others as internal/external forces not in flow with our highest DNA potential, but either way, there is mutation or changes.

Wanting to co-create with your body and wanting to keep vital and wanting to keep up the aesthetic you feel is the truest expression of you- has to be done in a layered way. This is what my philosophy DermalBonding is based on. I treat from inside the bones all the way up out of the skin and into our atmosphere/environment.

The pursuit of vital skin is NOT vain. Our skin is our most visible expression of what we are experiencing in our lives. Our skin, now more than ever, is protecting us from external stresses and shielding us from harmful rays, poor air quality, electromagnetic forces, 5G, etc.

Vital skin is not a luxury- it’s a necessity.

We will be posting videos and more articles on how you can tap into all you need to co-create the skin and strength you desire.