Knowledge is Power! January 26 2016

 I’m extremely passionate about the advancement of women’s health in The United States. Traveling to different countries, and having many women come to me from all over the world to my practice in Beverly Hills, I’ve come to learn the vast differences in the treatments and education we have as women in this country.

Women’s whole body health and EDUCATION is essential to create a healthy nation. It’s also an ethical issue. Woman on a global level should have access to knowledge and health care that allows them to live a life of vitality and bliss. I strive to educate my patients, sharing with them the most advanced treatments available.

So many women suffer with health issues unnecessarily and are objectified to an industry that puts profit and historically, men’s health first.

 We have created progressive changes in some areas, but there’s much more work to be done. I’m extremely proud to be part of the organization “ The Women’s Health Network.” I want to share a bit about the group with you because I feel it’s important to become a health advocate for yourself and everyone else in your community. Get involved! Find a group you can feel proud to be a part of.

I'm a member and champion of this group because I feel it works hard to support women’s health from a place of empowerment and action.


A bit about NWHN: The National Women’s Health Network was founded to change the conversation about women’s health.They’re consumer activists supported by the membership of thousands of private individuals, choosing not to accept financial support from the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, or insurance companies.

They shape policy and support consumer health decisions. They monitor the actions of Federal regulatory and funding agencies, the health care industry, and the health professions. NWHN identifies and exposes health care abuses and mobilizes grassroots action to champion women’s health.

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HUM nutrition October 14 2015


HUM nutrition creates some of my fav supplements!

I joined a team of health care experts including, nutritionist Alex Caspero, and holistic medicine physician Dr. Agarwal for HUM's latest article on healing and preventing dry skin.

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Just a taste: 

In addition, sun exposure in the summer along with dry, arid climates can damage cells and limit the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture or repair itself. Mia Belle, Paramedical Aesthetician and CEO of Mia Belle skin, describes the process. “Your body via the organ of the skin will try to keep itself hydrated by absorbing water from its external environment. If you live in a dry environment, it will have to grab more water internally to keep hydrated, eventually creating epidermal water loss.”

Natalie Imbruglia June 02 2015

So grateful for such a lovely patient testimonial! 


"Mia is on the cutting edge of skin care. She is a wealth of knowledge, and the level of care and attention she gave me was far beyond my expectations. My skin has truly changed for the better since I started going to Mia. This isn't just a quick fix. She infuses skin with love and kindness that results in a more vital and younger looking appearance."

-Natalie Imbruglia

Cytokines December 06 2014

I am obtaining amazing results for myself and my patients by using cytokines. Below is some information from the creator of cytokines.  I feel that this method is the best way to ultra support the health of your skin!


- The Wandering Aesthetic


-The term “skinflammaging”  emphasizes the connection between the presence of chronic inflammation and the aging of skin.

Sun exposure, environmental toxins, and repetative microtrauma – the major reasons skin ages –   all cause pro-aging inflammatory reactions within the skin.

While an initial inflammatory phase is a normal component of tissue repair, it is a two-edged sword. In acute situations, or at low levels, it deals with the abnormality and promotes healing, but when chronically sustained, it slowly and progressively damages tissue. The paradigm confirmation of this fact is fetal skin, which regenerates perfectly without scarring. How is this possible? It has to do with the very brief, nearly non-existent inflammatory phase of fetal wound healing, something that results from the presence of abundant anti-inflammatory cytokines (cellular produced bio-signals) in the fetus.

One major focus with their work with stem cells and the cytokines they produce has to do with developing ways to provide the skin with topically applied supplemental anti-inflammatory signals. To, in effect, mimic Mother Nature’s strategy of fetal healing by providing anti-inflammatory patterns of bio-signals to  help combat “skinflammaging.”  The type of stem cell cultured was selected because of abundant published research describing its pivotal role in tissue healing.  The cytokine pattern produced during culture of these cells is strongly anti-inflammatory.

Click here for more information about AnteAGE and Cytokines 

Wandering to Ojai December 03 2014

For the last few months I have been wandering up North to Ojai to explore the area. Ojai is a charming and vibrant inland town located in Ventura County which has long been known to be a gathering place for artists, musicians and holistic health enthusiasts. 

During many of my trips to Ojai I have had the pleasure of meeting with my friend and fellow healer, Narayan. She is the owner of Narayan Beauty and the creator of sacred healing serums. Narayan focuses on Faceology which is a holistic facial rejuvenation and organic acne treatment. Narayan’s treatment is a whole body healing via the face. Simply stated, a treatment from Narayan will reveal your inner beauty.

As Narayan says… "Where the heart goes, beauty follows."


- The Wandering Aesthetic

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Iris Oil November 25 2014

Iris Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the roots. Pure Iris Oil is extremely rare. It's fragrance is sweet, warm, and comforting. Iris Oil helps balance the mind, dissolve mental and emotional blocks as well as inner hurts. It helps stimulate creativity, intuition, and love!

In perfumes, it is used as a fixative. It is a luxurious and powerful way to pamper your skin too!


- The Wandering Aesthetic