How Yoga Transformed My Body Into a Home June 19 2018

beach yoga
I have a fairly dedicated yoga practice and have for a long time. To me, this means that I attend classes 4-5 times per week and practice meditation almost daily. I have always been a fan of Corepower Yoga as the advanced asana practices that they offer, the full schedule to choose from and the excellent facilities and locations all work for my lifestyle. But as my practice deepened, I realized that yoga was offering me something more significant than I ever expected. My body became a home.
What does that mean? Through a mindful yoga practice, I began to tune into the wants, needs, and aches of my body. The information had always been there, but now with the help of my yoga practice, I was finally listening.
Practicing on my mat led me to bring my yoga off my mat and into my life. Where have I hyperextended by accommodating others requests? When is my breath constricted during conversation? What postures do I try to avoid and why? When do I feel most fired up? When am I most at peace? Do I shorten savasana because I deem it unnecessary? All of the answers to these questions tell me so much more about my inner world than my outer practice. With consistent reflection came consistent ease and comfort in my skin and for that I am grateful.