Winter Skin Tips! January 06 2017


I shared some skin-saving tips to get your skin through the winter for LVBX Magazine. XO

~Winter can be harsh, but beautiful. It’s important to feed our skin what it needs with the change of the seasons.

In the Winter, we need to help protect it from the cold, dry air by creating a superior barrier, strengthening the dermis and epidermis, and target keeping in hydration and our pigment balanced.

There are a lot of go-to ingredients to feed your skin for winter, but my favorites for homecare are: time-released peptides, anti-oxidants, transforming growth factors and niacinamides.

Here’s why…

–Energizes our cells

–New collagen synthesis

–Regulates epidermal ceramide synthesis which benefits the epidermal barrier

–Supports fully functioning stratum corneum

–Increases blood flow to the cells, increasing the nutrients to the cells

–Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, protection from UVB rays by protecting collagen

–Protects telomeres from shortening

–Reduces lipid peroxidation

–Reduces production of melanin

–Protects from UV-A damage

–Stimulates longevity proteins called sirtuins

–Reinforces capillaries by boosting cutaneous microcirculation

–Helps maintain optimal level of hyaluronic acid to preserve suppleness and elasticity

TGF-8 growth factor:

–Equalizes skin tone and pigment

–Controls proliferation, cellular differentiation

–Strengthens proper skin functions

Time-release Peptides:
–Signals collagen production

–Promotes thicker, stronger skin

–Reduces inflammation

As far as diet goes, add more omegas and anti-oxidants to keep your skin stronger and supple head to toe. Warm up with tasty adaptogen teas to boost your immunity and mood.

You can also support your skin by running your humidifiers to combat the extra dry air. Infuse some palo santo for immunity support or nutmeg for any aches and pains. If you want to indulge in a bath, add some goat’s milk and a few drops of rose hip oil to hydrate.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year and let’s get ready to ring in the new year with strong and beautiful faces.

Feng Shui For Your Face March 31 2016

We are so inspired by Tisha Morris's passion and knowledge!

She's a best selling author and the creator of Earth Home, a platform that's committed to creating a new way of living where spirituality meets design by using a combination of principles in feng shui, space clearing, interior design, sustainability, clutter clearing, and land healing. 

We discussed our views with her about the structural aesthetics of the face and how every line and detail, similar to interior design has an effect on the eye of the beholder. She then shared with us some theories on facial characteristics from the art of Chinese Face Reading. Below is a piece she wrote for us to share with you. We are grateful for Tisha and all the beauty she adds to this world! We hope you enjoy the read!

Feng Shui For Your Face

Not only does beauty runs skin deep, but it also reveals a lot about your personality. The ancient art of Chinese Face Reading has been used for thousands of years and reveals a lot more about your face than you might think. Chinese Face Reading was originally used for the purpose of making medical diagnoses and still used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Every major organ is represented in the face and presents a complete picture of one’s health.

Each facial feature is also associated with one of the Five Elements. The Five Elements are the cornerstone of Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. That’s right, your home and body are both made up of the same Five Elements. We are a composition of the Five Elements, but predominant in one or two of the elements, which reveals our personality, strengths, and challenges. The more prominent that feature is on your face, the more indicative of your embodying that element.

And if you’re wondering if cosmetic facial treatments and alterations can change your personality, the answer is yes. We have the power to change ourselves and become who we want at any time. The following are some of the key facial features associated with each of the element types.[1]

Wood Facial Features:

  • Thick, strong eyebrows
  • Protruding brow bone
  • Indented temples
  • Prominent or well-defined jaw
  • Tall and lanky body type – or short and compact

Fire Facial Features:

  • Sparkling eyes, “light” in the eyes
  • Red and/or curly hair, spiky or extreme hairstyles, balding on top of the head
  • Easy smile and laugh
  • Slim hips
  • Pink flush to complexion, freckles
  • Dimples
  • Pointed tops of mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and/or eyebrows

Earth Facial Features:

  • Round face
  • Roundness to the body, especially the stomach
  • Generous mouth in comparison to rest of features
  • Full lips
  • Full and/or softly rounded lower cheeks
  • Large breasts in women; large muscles in men
  • Thick calves

Metal Facial Features:

  • Large nose
  • Prominent upper cheeks
  • Wide spaces between features
  • Fine bone structure, small wrists and ankles
  • Graceful, regal bearing
  • Hypermetabolism, tend to be slim
  • Pale complexion for racial heritage

Water Facial Features:

  • Broad or high, domed forehead
  • Distinct shadowing above and/or below the eyes; dreamy, mysterious-looking eyes
  • Well-defined philtrum
  • Strong, prominent chin
  • Large ears and/or earlobes
  • Large hips and/or slight plumpness or softness to the face and body, with no sharp features
  • Large, strong bones (thick wrists and ankles), healthy teeth
  • Thick or wavy lustrous hair
  • Black undertone to complexion


Now that you’re seeing your face in a new light, what does it say about you? Below is a snapshot of each of the elemental characteristics as they pertain to people. You may recognize yourself simply by reading the description.


Wood Element - Wood Element people are the leaders, inventors, seekers, and visionaries. They will take the lead in groups and take action steps to create movement in projects. They can easily vacillate between being introverted and extroverted depending on what a situation calls for. When movement in projects or relationships stalls, the Wood element is quick to become frustrated. Wood elements keep things in forward motion and their challenge is to know when to contract their energy or take a step back in order for real expansion to occur.


Fire Element - Fire Element people are high energy and generally extroverted. They are often the life of the party and enjoy life. Similar to a flame, they create the highest expression of energy in the form of enthusiasm and passion. Fire elements provide the fuel in projects in order that they manifest in its highest and truest form. When out of balance, the Fire element can become burnt out. Its energy can easily scatter in too many areas without proper focus, which can lead to anxiety.


Earth Element - Earth Element people are the grounding force that keeps the status quo maintained so that change doesn’t happen too quickly. They are highly supportive people that bring harmony to groups and help maintain the peace. They go out of their way to not ruffle feathers. They do not like change and can become controlling if taken to the extreme. Worry is their default emotion, especially when something seems out of their control that could lead to possible change.


Metal Element - Metal Element people are natural organizers and keep things in check and on schedule. They make great accountants, engineers, scientists, editors, architects, personal assistants, and professional organizers. They are detail-oriented, focused, and love an orderly environment with even their storage items labeled appropriately. They tend to cut to the chase in conversation without the need for embellishments. Their imbalance can show up as being obsessive, perfectionist, or overly rigid in their mindsets. They tend to have tunnel vision without the ability to see a bigger picture.


Water Element - Water Element people are quiet and typically introverted, and yet so unassuming. They hold a quiet strength. They may seem fragile at times, but they are anything but. All creation is born from water and those of the Water Element are no exception. They are deeply creative, contemplative, and introspective. When out of balance, Water elements can become withdrawn and aloof. They tend to keep their emotions close to them and process slowly before taking action.


To learn more about Tisha, go to http://www.earthhome.tv

Tisha Morris is the best-selling author of Decorating With the Five Elements ofFeng Shui (Llewellyn 2015), Mind Body Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (Llewellyn 2012), and Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to DeclutteringYour Home and Renewing Your Life (Turner Publishing 2010). Tisha is based in Los Angeles and works one-on-one with clients’ homes and business. Tisha also facilitates workshops and trains others to become certified feng shui consultants.


[1] The following is from Tisha Morris, Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui, Llewellyn Publishing 2015, quoting Jean Haner, The Wisdom of Your Face, Hay House Inc. 2008.

HUM nutrition October 14 2015


HUM nutrition creates some of my fav supplements!

I joined a team of health care experts including, nutritionist Alex Caspero, and holistic medicine physician Dr. Agarwal for HUM's latest article on healing and preventing dry skin.

Check out the full article at :


Just a taste: 

In addition, sun exposure in the summer along with dry, arid climates can damage cells and limit the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture or repair itself. Mia Belle, Paramedical Aesthetician and CEO of Mia Belle skin, describes the process. “Your body via the organ of the skin will try to keep itself hydrated by absorbing water from its external environment. If you live in a dry environment, it will have to grab more water internally to keep hydrated, eventually creating epidermal water loss.”

Cytokines December 06 2014

I am obtaining amazing results for myself and my patients by using cytokines. Below is some information from the creator of cytokines.  I feel that this method is the best way to ultra support the health of your skin!


- The Wandering Aesthetic


-The term “skinflammaging”  emphasizes the connection between the presence of chronic inflammation and the aging of skin.

Sun exposure, environmental toxins, and repetative microtrauma – the major reasons skin ages –   all cause pro-aging inflammatory reactions within the skin.

While an initial inflammatory phase is a normal component of tissue repair, it is a two-edged sword. In acute situations, or at low levels, it deals with the abnormality and promotes healing, but when chronically sustained, it slowly and progressively damages tissue. The paradigm confirmation of this fact is fetal skin, which regenerates perfectly without scarring. How is this possible? It has to do with the very brief, nearly non-existent inflammatory phase of fetal wound healing, something that results from the presence of abundant anti-inflammatory cytokines (cellular produced bio-signals) in the fetus.

One major focus with their work with stem cells and the cytokines they produce has to do with developing ways to provide the skin with topically applied supplemental anti-inflammatory signals. To, in effect, mimic Mother Nature’s strategy of fetal healing by providing anti-inflammatory patterns of bio-signals to  help combat “skinflammaging.”  The type of stem cell cultured was selected because of abundant published research describing its pivotal role in tissue healing.  The cytokine pattern produced during culture of these cells is strongly anti-inflammatory.

Click here for more information about AnteAGE and Cytokines 

Iris Oil November 25 2014

Iris Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the roots. Pure Iris Oil is extremely rare. It's fragrance is sweet, warm, and comforting. Iris Oil helps balance the mind, dissolve mental and emotional blocks as well as inner hurts. It helps stimulate creativity, intuition, and love!

In perfumes, it is used as a fixative. It is a luxurious and powerful way to pamper your skin too!


- The Wandering Aesthetic