How Yoga Transformed My Body Into a Home June 19 2018

What happens when you take your yoga practice off the mat?

Self-Care, Self-Love, Or Self-Indulgence? May 08 2018

How to sift through the self-care hype and build a strong foundation for health and wellness.

Secret about Cellulite October 29 2016


Oh, cellulite.

Our genetics are the biggest cause of cellulite. Exercise, diet, hormones, laxity of the connective tissue, and our overall lifestyle can attribute to the expression of cellulite.

If we want to create a smooth silhouette, what can we do? Let’s talk technology first.

They’re have been many medical treatments that have provided some good results, but mostly have been disappointing and costly. Two new machines that came out this year have some promise, but time will tell if they can create anything more than temporary results.

Stubborn Toxins

Most treatments use a vacuum feature that creates swelling which only delivers a temporary result. It can be beneficial by creating a “detox” of the area and better circulation, but there are many ways to create this on your own via exercise, saunas, massage, etc. The homecare massager “Body Belle,” is an amazing way to boost blood and lymphatic flow. It also stretches the fibrous tissue to improve elasticity. This strengthening of the connective tissue is key.

Dermal Bonding

When the skin on our body looses elasticity and the connection between all the layers weaken, cellulite looks it’s worst! We need to strengthen the relationship between all the layers. Stretching, yoga and Pilates can really help. I target this factor at my clinic by mixing radio frequency skin tightening treatments with CIT collagen building treatments to get the skin pillowy and youthful looking.

Daily Rituals

Exfoliating on a daily basis in the shower is essential. It wakens up the skin, and preps it for the topicals you apply during your morning beauty ritual. You can use the body brush head on your clarisonic or you can get create your own homemade sugar scrubs. Add a little rosemary oil to your recipe for blood flow. The one skincare line for the body that I’ve seen deliver real results is called Kayo. Their Concentrated Slimming Serum creates not only amazing instant results, but also truly accumulative benefits. The Vitamin Boost is essential for rebuilding the skin. For a supportive supplement, I love ATP by Meehan Formulations. This formulation keeps your body clean and fine-tuned by energizing your cells and keeps you fit on a truly molecular level.


Cellulite can be related to hormone imbalances, specifically an excess of estrogen and a deficiency in progesterone. It’s so important for women to get their hormones checked regularly. It has an astronomical effect on our skin. You can create a hormone-balanced climate through naturopathy and even easy diet changes. Other internal contributors to cellulite are low thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, and blood sugar imbalance.

Cellulite can be a telling sign that we need to shift things in our whole-body health routine. Giving some extra love to ourselves is a priceless investment on our path to living our most vital life. Empowering our bodies empowers our lives.


Image via LVBX Magazine

Yoga Poses For Beauty by The Wandering Yogis March 18 2015

I have a very strong yoga practice.  While I love the energy of group classes, I also enjoy taking private lessons in order to really focus on my alignment.  When I am looking for a private lesson I always go with The Wandering Yogis.  We are birds of a feather just based on our social media handles, but more importantly based on our philosophies about life, health and beauty! I sat down with The Wandering Yogis and learned a little more about what I can do to transform my skin from the inside out.
• • •  • • •
One of the most profound ways you can transform your skin from the inside out is through the practice of yoga.  There are obvious benefits to yoga including changes to your body and increased peace of mind through meditation and breathing techniques.  The following yoga poses can increase blood flow and circulation in your face.  By practicing inversions your face becomes flushed with nutrients which creates a glowing effect.  Twists, backbends and forward folds improve digestion which has a very positive effect on your skin.  
• • •  • • •
Sirsasana is also known as a supported headstand or the ‘king’ of all asanas.  The physiological benefits are the drainage of blood and lymph which are held in reserve in the legs. Any inversion, when the legs are held over the heart, helps to move stored fluids into the core for oxygenation, filtration and elimination of metabolic and cellular wastes
• • •  • • •
Halasana is known as plow pose. The abdominal organs are rejuvenated due to contraction.  This pose increases the flow of blood to the face, improves the skin texture and removes dark circles under the eyes.
• • •  • • •
Paschimottanasana is known as seated forward fold.  This pose helps to increase the blood flow to the face as well as improves stomach functioning.
• • •  • • •
Surya Namaskar is a sequence of 12 postures also known as sun salutes.  This sequence helps to remove toxins.  A regular regimen of early morning sun salutes results in a clear complexion and glowing skin. Sun salutation exercises are the natural solution to prevent onset of wrinkles.
• • •  • • •
Overall, yoga is excellent for the skin and it can also provide good benefits for people with acne.
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www.thewanderingyogis.org is a fantastic resource for yoga inspired text, quotes, information and most of all-inspiration! Follow them on twitter + instagram. LIKE their facebook page to receive updates regarding free /low cost / donation yoga in California + Hawaii.