HUM Nutrition + Beauty Alchemy July 06 2015

I recently sat down with Athena, HUM Brand & Education Manager, and Julie, HUM Community Manager at Caffe Primo in Los Angeles to discuss growing way too much Kombucha, my passion for beauty alchemy, and much more! 

What inspired your passion for the beauty industry?

As a young girl I was always intrigued by aromatherapy, skin care and began creating my own lotions and potions. I was inspired by a French aesthetician that my mother would see on a monthly basis.  She was my first experience with beauty alchemy!

I moved to Los Angeles from Northern California when I was 18 to pursue acting.  I began working and training at Ole Henriksen spa where I developed a strong passion for skin care, product development and the chemistry behind it all.  I was impressed by Ole’s talent and focus.  I watched him build his empire on a strong foundation.  I believed that I had a natural intuition for skincare but I wanted to create a strong foundation upon which I could build my career.  I attended UCLA and studied compound chemistry while working in the beauty and skin care industry in Beverly Hills focusing on product development and clinic management.  I became a licensed paramedical aesthetician  so that I would have hands on experience with patients and the opportunity to truly transform peoples skin.

I began working as a paramedical aesthetician with one of the most highly regarded dermatologists in the country.  Through my work with this doctor, I learned the importance of diagnosis and treating the patient holistically.  As an example, I was taught that it is important to understand where someone is from and where their ancestors are from as it can influence their diet, digestion and product sensitivities.  All of these small details have a major impact on the skin!

Currently, I am focused on creating bespoke treatments combining esoteric, holistic principles with the most advanced scientific modalities available. I develop customized and result driven professional treatments and products for my patients.

What’s your daily beauty ritual?

I am a strong believer in mind over matter.  I start my day by centering myself and mediating to re-charge my body.  I would describe it as a  “vitality charging meditation”.  I follow my meditation with kundalini or yoga stretches to activate my cells and get the “qi” or blood flowing.  Personally, less is more with my skin. I use an enzyme cleanser for light exfoliation and then apply all my good “skin foods”.  For my body, I use a body buffer 3 times a week and apply a hyper- hydrating serum to keep the skin on my body in shape.

I believe in experimenting with products and treatments in order to find what works for you.  At night, I don’t use heavy oils or creams, because I believe that the skin needs to detox and repair, just like the digestive system. I don’t like eating too much or too heavy before bed.

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