Don’t underestimate the importance of post care!

To get the most out of your skin tightening treatments you have to understand that the first 4 days post treatment are pivotal to your end results.

Once the skin is stimulated, fibroblasts begin to synthesize collagen fibers.Type 3 collagen is created initially; this is a less desirable collagen, aesthetically. At day 4, this is the moment that we want the collagen 3 to replaced by type 1 collagen.We inspire this by offering as much oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Feed your skin internally with super supplements. Omegas, lung support formulas, anti-oxidants, and collagen.

Eat super-skin foods like:

Sardines. They’re high in Omegas but also contain vitamin D, which strengthens your skin and bones.

Beets: Packed with C, iron, beta-carotene, K, and lycopene, which maintains skin elasticity and defends against sun damage.

Sea vegetables: My favorites are nori or kelp, which are packed with trace minerals that feed your skin.

Watercress: You will be repairing DNA damage with every bite! Watercress defends against free radical damage; it lowers inflammation and is full of vitamins A, C and K.

 Support your treatment by avoiding heat, sodium, and alcohol – any thing that will rob your skin of water.

Exercise is great – it brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin via the circulatory system, just don’t overdo it with hot yoga, running or too long of a session, and make sure to rehydrate throughout your workout.

Protect yourself from environmental stresses, especially UVA rays!

Lastly, but so important, protect yourself from emotional stresses! If you’re stressed out, so is your skin. Stress causes inflammation and weakens or skin and our results.

Take your treatments to the next level by making sure you understand that the treatment doesn’t stop when your treatment is finished. You, your face and your bank account will be much more satisfied with the results!