Be a Wonder Woman all day- every day! April 04 2015

Feed your Beauty.

CELL SUPPORT: This formula helps the body detox and supports the production of the powerful antioxidant glutathione peroxidase. CS supports the health and vitality of your telomeres.
LUCUMA: Wound healer and tissue regenerator, reversing the effects of aging and inflammation. Loaded with vitamins+ minerals+ fiber+ iron.
SEX DUST: Supports brain chemistry, hormone production, as well as glandular and fluid replenishment. Helps you tap into your source of unlimited energy. wink emoticon

Mia Belle Skin in Harper's Bazaar March 30 2015

 So proud+thrilled to be mentioned by Sophia Amoruso in her interview with Bazaar magazine!

Growing up, this mag truly inspired my passion for aesthetics. 

Much love to Sophia and the whole Nasty Gal team!


Yoga Poses For Beauty by The Wandering Yogis March 18 2015

I have a very strong yoga practice.  While I love the energy of group classes, I also enjoy taking private lessons in order to really focus on my alignment.  When I am looking for a private lesson I always go with The Wandering Yogis.  We are birds of a feather just based on our social media handles, but more importantly based on our philosophies about life, health and beauty! I sat down with The Wandering Yogis and learned a little more about what I can do to transform my skin from the inside out.
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One of the most profound ways you can transform your skin from the inside out is through the practice of yoga.  There are obvious benefits to yoga including changes to your body and increased peace of mind through meditation and breathing techniques.  The following yoga poses can increase blood flow and circulation in your face.  By practicing inversions your face becomes flushed with nutrients which creates a glowing effect.  Twists, backbends and forward folds improve digestion which has a very positive effect on your skin.  
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Sirsasana is also known as a supported headstand or the ‘king’ of all asanas.  The physiological benefits are the drainage of blood and lymph which are held in reserve in the legs. Any inversion, when the legs are held over the heart, helps to move stored fluids into the core for oxygenation, filtration and elimination of metabolic and cellular wastes
• • •  • • •
Halasana is known as plow pose. The abdominal organs are rejuvenated due to contraction.  This pose increases the flow of blood to the face, improves the skin texture and removes dark circles under the eyes.
• • •  • • •
Paschimottanasana is known as seated forward fold.  This pose helps to increase the blood flow to the face as well as improves stomach functioning.
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Surya Namaskar is a sequence of 12 postures also known as sun salutes.  This sequence helps to remove toxins.  A regular regimen of early morning sun salutes results in a clear complexion and glowing skin. Sun salutation exercises are the natural solution to prevent onset of wrinkles.
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Overall, yoga is excellent for the skin and it can also provide good benefits for people with acne.
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www.thewanderingyogis.org is a fantastic resource for yoga inspired text, quotes, information and most of all-inspiration! Follow them on twitter + instagram. LIKE their facebook page to receive updates regarding free /low cost / donation yoga in California + Hawaii. 

Alison Nappi || Muse January 23 2015

I recently discovered the brilliant + beautiful writings of Alison Nappi.  This is a woman after my own heart.  She is a voice of truth + a force of nature.  I have read the following excerpt more times than I can even count + find it to be an endless source of inspiration.  I hope this resonates with your soul as it has with mine. 


- The Wandering Aesthetic


A mystic is a wild creature.

She is made. She is deliberately forged by something mysterious. She is created for a purpose. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over.

Each time she returns, she is a little different. What she sees must change her. She dies every day. She is reborn in every moment. Can you even begin to fathom the terror and the faith commanded from such a being? Can you even begin to understand what such a life can do?

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls.

She is the womb that births the divine into the flesh and bone of matter.

She doesn’t mean to burn your village to the ground, but she has seen what you are meant to become. You are not a peasant sheering sheep, as you have thought. You are a king dressed in rags who has amnesia.

It is her assumption that you have come to be reborn. If you haven’t, turn back now, while the world you know still exists.

If she touches you, and all the voices on the wind go silent, if you feel you are in a snow globe when you embrace her, she is your destroyer. She will destroy the false idol you see in the mirror. She will smash it open because it is your prison. If you wish to stay there, she will shatter you another way. She will leave.

A mystic may not for long engage with that which is too small for her, unless she is nurturing a seedling into its destiny. But the seed must be capable of fulfilling its own potential.

Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the mystery.

If your dreams are not filled with the mystery, you are better off with a normal girl, because a mystic will see things that are invisible to you. She will feel things that you cannot feel beneath the layers of numbness you have wrapped yourself in.

She will call upon your true self, your real soul, and she will sing it down into you, into herself, and life will never be the same.

- Alison Nappi

Bright Eyes Carrot Ginger Soup December 30 2014

This vegan super soup has changed my life! I recently discovered The Farmer's Kitchen, an urban farm and catering service located in Los Angeles.  I order healthy and delicious soups for delivery once per week and am able to indulge in a 'home cooked' meal any time I want.  Follow The Farmer's Kitchen on Instagram + Twitter for inspired, healthy ideas to keep you beautiful from the inside out!


- The Wandering Aesthetic

p.s. The Farmer's Kitchen shared an easy at home version of this recipe with us!

1/2 cup olive oil
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 large onions roughly chopped
3/4 head of garlic
2 bunches of celery
approx 2lbs of carrots
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup chopped ginger
1/4 cup thyme leaves
15oz of white beans
2 bay leaves (remove before blending)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp paprika 
6 cups of water
After 20 minutes of boiling add 4 more cups of water.
Blend well.
Add garnish: green onions chopped or cilantro.

Leslie Crow || Muse December 15 2014

I am so inspired by Leslie Crow and her art!  Her style embodies a mix of bad ass Wild West America and mystical cosmic consciousness.  Leslie is the owner of Heyoka Leather.  


- The Wandering Aesthetic

Started unofficially and quite by accident in Venice Beach CA in 2007 by Leslie Crow when she began making dream catchers for friends. As the demand grew, she branched out into hand beaded medicine bags and purses, using traditional skills learned from her grandmother. A year later she moved to the Rastafarian barrio of Mid-City Los Angeles, and brought in her longtime friends and partners in crime (cousins) Rachel Avraham and Angela Bruyere (of Mogg Jeans).

The three girls quickly decided to join forces and create a brand that would go down in rock and roll history. The premise was simple. custom handcrafted leather goods. Using carefully sourced wild elk hides and deer skins, with only the finest quality natural antler bone, brass and silver adornments, they created a precedent for modern day American heirlooms. Paying homage to and combining their various roots in traditional Native American ceremonies, decadent Hollywood nightlife mystique, and redneck outlaw biker culture, they subconsciously created a signature brand that is eccentric, free spirited and shockingly high-end.

Click here for her interview with Style Like U

Follow Leslie Crow + Heyoka Leather on Instagram:

@CoyoteSpiritChild || @HeyokaLeather || @TheHeyokaHideout

Cytokines December 06 2014

I am obtaining amazing results for myself and my patients by using cytokines. Below is some information from the creator of cytokines.  I feel that this method is the best way to ultra support the health of your skin!


- The Wandering Aesthetic


-The term “skinflammaging”  emphasizes the connection between the presence of chronic inflammation and the aging of skin.

Sun exposure, environmental toxins, and repetative microtrauma – the major reasons skin ages –   all cause pro-aging inflammatory reactions within the skin.

While an initial inflammatory phase is a normal component of tissue repair, it is a two-edged sword. In acute situations, or at low levels, it deals with the abnormality and promotes healing, but when chronically sustained, it slowly and progressively damages tissue. The paradigm confirmation of this fact is fetal skin, which regenerates perfectly without scarring. How is this possible? It has to do with the very brief, nearly non-existent inflammatory phase of fetal wound healing, something that results from the presence of abundant anti-inflammatory cytokines (cellular produced bio-signals) in the fetus.

One major focus with their work with stem cells and the cytokines they produce has to do with developing ways to provide the skin with topically applied supplemental anti-inflammatory signals. To, in effect, mimic Mother Nature’s strategy of fetal healing by providing anti-inflammatory patterns of bio-signals to  help combat “skinflammaging.”  The type of stem cell cultured was selected because of abundant published research describing its pivotal role in tissue healing.  The cytokine pattern produced during culture of these cells is strongly anti-inflammatory.

Click here for more information about AnteAGE and Cytokines 

Wandering to Ojai December 03 2014

For the last few months I have been wandering up North to Ojai to explore the area. Ojai is a charming and vibrant inland town located in Ventura County which has long been known to be a gathering place for artists, musicians and holistic health enthusiasts. 

During many of my trips to Ojai I have had the pleasure of meeting with my friend and fellow healer, Narayan. She is the owner of Narayan Beauty and the creator of sacred healing serums. Narayan focuses on Faceology which is a holistic facial rejuvenation and organic acne treatment. Narayan’s treatment is a whole body healing via the face. Simply stated, a treatment from Narayan will reveal your inner beauty.

As Narayan says… "Where the heart goes, beauty follows."


- The Wandering Aesthetic

Click here for more information on Narayan Beauty


Iris Oil November 25 2014

Iris Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the roots. Pure Iris Oil is extremely rare. It's fragrance is sweet, warm, and comforting. Iris Oil helps balance the mind, dissolve mental and emotional blocks as well as inner hurts. It helps stimulate creativity, intuition, and love!

In perfumes, it is used as a fixative. It is a luxurious and powerful way to pamper your skin too!


- The Wandering Aesthetic