Taking care of one of our favorite faces and co-creator of the KAYO skincare line. October 23 2017

Christine Bullock amazing to work with because she has such a passion and knowledge of health and fitness. She's not only a fitness star but also created the skincare line KAYO. This line is made for the body but packs the quality and results of a face line! She believes in keeping yourself clean and natural inside and out!

I strive to keep faces youthful by keeping the muscles toned and the skin plump and elastic. When faces look-hard-tight-bloated-uncanny, it looks done and worn out. A very conservative amount of botox or filler- if needed, has it's place as a way to tweak a slight architectural issue, but using it as a "liquid" facelift or as a volumizing technique will eventually result in an undesirable outcome. 

I especially see issues when patients treat their eye area. They try aggressive skin rejuvenating  treatments that force a "scar tissue" response versus a soft and plump response you can get from the skin with other inspiring treatments. The most troublesome is when they have undesirable reactions from filler around the eye. This can be a disaster! Unfortunately, many patients just don't know what they are signing up for or the possible side effects.

You want to target toning the muscle and the skin around the eye area, also inspiring optimal blood and lymph flow. I utilize many techniques but one of my most popular is the Bio-Lift.

The Bio-Lift electro stimulation technique is an amazing way to strengthen the muscles and tone  the skin around the eyes. Weakening the muscle around the eye area specially around the lower area with Botox  can cause the area to "pull down"- creating more of a sunken and dark appearance. This can tend  to make a face look less youthful. It can also result in a lack of movement which limits your ability to communicate and express to another person.

When we alter the face structurally and the movement of the face, this triggers a strange processing in our brain. Look up "Uncanny Face." Or you can look out for my blog regarding how our interactions with each other are being altered via the unnatural changes in our appearances.

Working with the original blueprint of your face is almost always the best route to creating beauty and vitality. I'm grateful for Christine Bullock, KAYO and all the other brands and skin way-showers that are adding goodness to this industry