When Energy Work Becomes an Essential Part of Your Beauty Ritual April 17 2018

Bora Bora
Dermatology is a holistic practice where everything from ancestry, diet, geography, hormones and stress levels may impact your skin health and radiance. I am a firm believer that self-care is essential to maintain optimal balance and flow in our daily lives. My recent trip to Bora Bora was an extreme dose of restorative self-care. But what can you do to practice self-care on those days (weeks/months/years) when a trip to paradise is not an option?
I have found that carving an hour or two out of my week to dedicate to a healing practice is manageable and the benefits are profound. Lately, I have embraced bodywork as my method of self-care. It takes a certain level of surrender to turn the tables and allow myself to be the one being taken care of by a practitioner when I am usually the person taking care of others. I thought I might have a difficult time resting in the stillness and receiving but what I have noticed is that by allowing myself to accept healing bodywork, I have amplified my own practice and am better able to meet the needs of my clients.
Reiki is a hands-on technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki practitioners are trained and attuned to channel "life force energy" through themselves to offer this energy to others. "Rei" refers to a spiritual consciousness that weaves through all entities. "Ki" is the energy that flows through every living thing. It is also known as qi or chi from other lineages.
The sessions I have attended are one hour in length and can be done in person or via distance Reiki. Side effects include extreme relaxation, profound meditations, mental clarity and overall improved health. What does this have to do with beauty? Feeling deeply connected to a source of energy, grounded in my own body and stress-free is definitely aligned with beauty! Reiki treatments provide me a sense of vitality which nourishes my overall health. I believe that working on a deeper level to shift and strengthen our foundation is what provides long-lasting desired results.
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